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Win Svr 2008 v. NT

We recently upgraded our server to 64 bit Win Server 2008 from NT. One of our math professors had a diagram drawn in Cinderella that, when hosted from the NT server, displayed perfectly. Once the files were moved to 2008, the diagram failed to display properly. The page background displays, java initiates, and the screen remains undrawn. An error "The construction Diagram1.cdy was not found or is broken." is displayed for a short time in red letters. The three files, html, cdy and jar are all located in the directory. Here are links to the pages:


I'm thinking it's a server behavior that requires a small adjustment. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Tom Harbert
Computer Support
College of Science
Southern Illinois University
618- 453-2934

on: Tue 16 of Feb, 2010 [14:00 UTC] reads: 150648

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Re: Win Svr 2008 v. NT
on: Tue 16 of Feb, 2010 [21:50 UTC]
Case solved...

I didn't get the 404.3 error like you did, just a fleeting indication that something was wrong with the .cdy file directly in the java window.

In any event, in ISS manager, I added a MIME type for *.cdy of "application/cinderella". The server started allowing the .cdy file to be served and the diagrams started working.


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Aw: Re: Win Svr 2008 v. NT
on: Tue 16 of Feb, 2010 [22:04 UTC]
> Case solved...

That's good to know. I only got the 404 error due to manually using the URL of the Construction file instead of the HTML page. Unfortunately the error reporting of the Applet is, well, almost non-existent.


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Aw: Win Svr 2008 v. NT
on: Tue 16 of Feb, 2010 [14:55 UTC]

when I try to visit I get a message that this resource is not found on the server. It could be a setting in the web server that prevents .cdy files from being served.

I think that contains the necessary information to fix this.

Hope that helps,

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