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When is 2.0 going to be available?

Hi. I notice the beta test for version 2 is ending in a day or two (1/31/2006). When will the new version be available? Especially, when will it be available on Amazon? I just found out about Cinderella and would like to get a copy soon, but not so fast that I have to pay again for the upgrade!

Thanks! — Dave

on: Mon 30 of Jan, 2006 [00:11 UTC] reads: 142057

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Re: When is 2.0 going to be available?
on: Mon 30 of Jan, 2006 [08:37 UTC]

you can buy Cinderella.2 from Springer at,11855,4-40109-22-87689586-0,00.html . They list Feb. 15 as shipping date (actually, we are having some difficulties to integrate the download and licensing process into the Springer websites, which causes the unwanted delay).

We will extend the included license of the downloadable version to Feb 28 to make sure that you can use Cinderella.2 starting now.

In summary: You should not buy Cinderella from Amazon now, but download the public beta and order Cinderella.2 from Springer as soon as it is available.


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