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Cinderella.2 changelog

Please be aware that the latest build may not be available yet.

We also have a list of known issues.

Changes for build 739-1391
  • lots of bug fixes
  • many new features

Changes for build 714-738
  • bug fixes

Changes for build 713
  • MISC: version is 2.0.7

Changes for build 711/712
  • FIX: import() much faster

Changes for build 709/710
  • FIX: changing a text with ABC works also for loaded files
  • MISC: version is 2.0.6

Changes for build 708
  • ENH: scaled printing
  • FIX: License dialog shows up on Mac OSX 13
  • MISC: Version is now 2.0.5

Changes for build 703

Changes for build 702
  • ENH: faster loading and better handling of transformation groups
  • FIX: double-clicking a file on Mac OS X no longer throws an exception
  • ENH: some missing german localizations added

Changes for build 699-701 (701 is release version 2.0)
  • ENH: angles are displayed in correct format also in CindyScript
  • ENH: menu cleanups
  • FIX: correct thread for menu changes

Changes for build 695-698
  • FIX: Mac OS Intel version has correct classpath
  • FIX: Mac OS PPC version does not throw error when using input fields in Inspector
  • ENH: Mac OS apps are zipped, not targzipped.
  • DOC: Documentation should be complete

Changes for build 694 (RC3)
  • FIX: Internal Error on adding Angle Mark
  • FIX: some typos
  • FIX: Internal Errors on Undo/Redo due to label changes
  • FIX: GUI on Max OS X PPC/Intel
  • ENH: more information on wrong license code
  • FIX: angle modulo finalized
  • ENH: Help Button in Script Editor
  • FIX: correct angle name "alpha0"
  • ENH: more German localization
  • FIX: minor bugs fixed

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