The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella

International Versions

Here you find information about Cinderella in other languages. This list is currently incomplete, please contact us for further information about your language.

Cinderella 1 (Programa interactivo de Geometria) is available in Portuguese thanks to the efforts of Jorge Nuno Silva and José Francisco Rodrigues. Their support site with more information in Portuguese is available at .

Probably, a Portuguese version of Cinderella.2 will be available in the near future.

Cinderella 1.4 is available from Springer Tokyo, including a Japanese manual. You find more information and support in Japanese at .

Cinderella.2 is translated to Japanese and you can find more information at . Please contact Springer Toyko if you would like to see a printed Japanese version of Cinderella.2.

Cinderella.2 has been translated to Turkish by Ahmet Arduç.

We are currently workin on a translation of Cinderella.2 to Chinese. The current translation is included in the download. Please contact Maurice Kwong for details.

Cinderella.2 has been translated to Korean by Yonggu Kim. The Korean language files are included in the download. You find more information about Cinderella on the Korean site .

Cinderella.2 has been translated to Polish by Bronek Pabich. The Polish files are included in the download.

For Cinderella in Italian, please contact Mediadirect, The italian translation and online manual is also included in the English version available from Springer.

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