The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
Changes for build 578
  • FIX: parsing of menus more forgiving, no NPE on start with exp. menu
  • FIX: line by fixed angle should use ° correctly
  • FIX: LoadCaptureFromFile? fixed
  • FIX: controls for capturerunner now in port

Changes for build 577
  • FIX: strange issues with List-Selection-Items? in Inspector in conjunction with I18N fixed
  • FIX: count of toolbar items correct for Macro-Buttons?
  • FIX: Macro-Buttons? can be contained in a toolbar

Changes for build 576
  • FIX: printing should also work on Windows and Unix, not only on OS X

Changes for build 575
  • FIX: Autorun of animations only autoruns if there are animations

Changes for build 572

  • FIX: multiple masses behave correctly under global gravity
  • FIX: positioning of scale text is correct
  • FIX: selecting IFS without selecting transformations first will not throw an internal error
  • FIX: added message for define IFS
  • ENH: "Load" is now "Open"
  • FIX: define intersection shows correct status message
  • FIX: Multiadding two points with same coordinate does not leave ghost elements
  • FIX: On Mac OS X the inspector frame has a menu

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