The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
Changes for build 571

  • FIX: Mac OS X shows correct build number in splash screen
  • ENH: bug report dialog is able to send bugs directly
  • ENH: cindyrun.jar much smaller

Changes for build 570

  • FIX: BipartiteMatching? algorithm no longer throws exception on init

Changes for build 569

  • FIX: On OS X, the application quits without throwing an exception
  • FIX: Inspector shows Labels correctly (i.e. License is visible!)
  • FIX: option for autostart of animations in applet

Changes for build 568

  • FIX: Cinderella Console has correct size and shows up immediately
  • ENH: cindyrun.jar much smaller

Changes for build 567

  • FIX: PortButtons? in Applet don't jump around anymore

Changes for build 566

  • FIX: Velocity vectors can no longer be added to non-masses and each mass can only have one velocity
  • FIX: Polygons in hyperbolic port work better
  • ENH: New CindyScript operators "isgeometric(el)" and "isselected(el)"

Changes for build 565

  • ENH: Applet compatibility.

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