The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
Changes for build 689-693
  • FIX: correct success text
  • ENH: cleanups for release
  • ENH: switching menus possible
  • NEW: Mac OS X Intel release

Changes for build 688
  • FIX: OpPerp2? does not throw ClassCastException?

Changes for build 687
  • MISC: license renewed

Changes for build 686

Changes for build 685
  • FIX: point on arc works in cindyrun.jar

Changes for build 684
  • ENH: new function adjacencymatrix in CindyScript
  • FIX: color chooser and script editor work on Java 1.3 (OS X only)

Changes for build 683
  • FIX: some vector operations in CindyScript had wrong sign

Changes for build 680-682
  • FIX: point on arc can be saved
  • ENH: new file icon for Mac OS X
  • ENH: smaller fonts on Mac OS X

Changes for build 679
  • FIX: I/O error on saving constructions fixed

Changes for build 678
  • FIX: Locus contained in create tool will not thow Internal Error

Changes for build 676/677
  • FIX: wrong thread in MBFC
  • FIX: copy/paste behavior corrected
  • FIX: missing OK button in CreateGraphAlgorithm
  • FIX: background images are loaded if file is loaded

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