The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
Changes for build 675
  • FIX: legacy exercises work
  • FIX: loading of legacy exercises and saving again works
  • FIX: new style exercises work (no editor yet!)

Changes for build 672-674
  • FIX: dynamic alpha in plot works again
  • FIX: User interface for export to bitmap completed
  • FIX: correct background for bitmap export
  • ENH: cleaned up menu for Export
  • MISC: many internal code cleanups
  • FIX: silent ignore of undefined arguments in CindyScript

Changes for build 671
  • FIX: double-clicking a file on windows will not raise internal error

Changes for build 670
  • FIX: colorplot in CindyScript works
  • FIX: isundefined in CindyScript works
  • ENH: new startres modifier for colorplot
  • MISC: better internal handling of undefined values in CindyScript
  • FIX: correct alpha compositing for colorplot
  • FIX: copyright date in about box correct

Changes for build 667-669
  • ENH: Large edit box for button scripts
  • FIX: smaller font for Inspector labels
  • ENH: new operators for matrices adj(...) and inverse(...)
  • FIX: max(..) operator implemented correctly
  • FIX: sort(..) operator can also handle situations with undefined values
  • FIX: tracelength=0 no longer causes crash
  • FIX: Inspector works again for Formulas
  • ENH: New Operators eigenvectors(...) and eigenvalues(...)
  • ENH: det(...) much faster

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