The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella
Changes for build 666
  • FIX: Error on save of files containing texts fixed
  • FIX: Aboutbox visible and readable on Java 1.3.1
  • FIX: Aboutbox shows build number
  • ENH: autoscroll for exercise console
  • ENH: edge weigths in graph algorithms can be inspected
  • FIX: Labels in Inspector are no longer cut off
  • ENH: Texts are editable in Inspector

Changes for build 664
  • FIX: traces of points and showall work both
  • MISC: build numbers on web correct
  • FIX: cindyrun.jar should work with legacy exercises
  • ENH: better scrollbar and autoscroll for exercise console

Changes for build 658-663
  • ENH: User defined color pallets are stored
  • FIX: sqrt(-1)=i
  • FIX: Better formated output in script
  • FIX: Traces of larger dots look better
  • FIX: Redefine of physics elements fixed
  • ENH: Predefined functions can be overridden
  • ENH: Buttons with click functionality
  • FIX: Traces of Arrows
  • FIX: Showall for invisible points
  • FIX: friction=1 does no longer crash physics
  • FIX: arcs in hyperbolic geometry do no longer crash system
  • FIX: Segments show up in Hyperbolic PDF export and print
  • ENH: Buttons can perform scripts
  • FIX: Animations won't double-draw traces
  • FIX: Printing of Euclidean Port works
  • FIX: Redraw after animation stop
  • FIX: AddText? mode allows clicking of elements again
  • ENH: new CindyScript function repaint()
  • FIX: repeat operator numerically stable
  • FIX: Show all shows all
  • FIX: Objects don't remain highlighted when they shouldn't

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