The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella

Extend Cinderella with your own code

Here we offer user-contributed plugins for Cinderella. Did you write a plugin yourself? Then please tell us via mail and we will publish it here. While we always try to help, we cannot offer support for 3rd-party plugins. Please contact their maintainers instead.

Example Plugin
Create your own plugins starting from this /files/plugins/ example. It comes with a build.xml file for ant, so you can automate the build process.

The excellent Cindy3D plugin offers access to an OpenGl drawing surface from CindyScript. You can find the open source plugin at on GitHub, maintained by Martin von Gagern.

Michael Schmid has written a plugin to control Lego MINDSTORMS NXT from CindyScript. You can download it from here. Just drop the NXTPlugin folder into the Plugins folder of Cinderella and go!

The most exciting device of 2012 (and probably 2013) - the LEAP. We have an early plugin for Cinderella that you can use to get the hand and finger data from the LEAP. Currently only tested on Mac OS X.

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