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rotations and reverse rotations

I'm trying to use the rotation P|ang tool. I make an angle between two segments, and mark it, and the text for the angle reads ">fe = 48.1deg" for example. So now when I select the element and use the rotate button I get a 48.1deg rotation in the positive direction (counterclockwise) around the center of rotation. Now I'd like to get a rotation in the negative direction (clockwise). But I can't really see how.

1) No matter how I create an angle marking (that is, which segment of the angle I click first) I get a positive number in the angle text. 2) I can't figure out how to make a formula text that evaluates to the negative of the angle because the angle object (as seen in the construction view) is named alpha-0 and I don't know how to type that as a formula.

So how is this done? Thanks! — Dave

on: Thu 13 of Apr, 2006 [21:24 UTC] reads: 115370

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Re: rotations and reverse rotations
on: Sun 16 of Apr, 2006 [04:59 UTC]
Never mind! I found the inverse transformation mode. — Dave

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