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scripting for fractals?


I plan to use Cinderella in a java presentation to show, how to improve runtime and system load with setting some java envrionment variables.

Therefore, I'm looking for a script that calculate (and display) e.g. fractales. The goal is to make Cinderella busy for some minutes.

Are there sample scriptes that I can use?


on: Wed 07 of Jun, 2006 [20:26 UTC] reads: 114890

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Aw: scripting for fractals?
on: Fri 16 of Jun, 2006 [09:03 UTC]

probably a good starting point are the examples at . You can get them all in one archive at --- then you are able to modify the scripts to make Cinderella busy for some minutes...

If you need more specific help, please tell us.


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