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Installing Cinderella

Hello -

I tried to install Cinderella on my Windows XP computer, but both in version 1.4 and in version 2.0, the installation freezes after I clicked "Install".

Tried to run it on Linux Ubuntu, too, where it DID install, but only runs all too slowly.

Did anyone have a similar experience and knows how to work around it? I need to use this program rather urgently, and am getting annoyed with it not even istalling properly...

Best of greetings and many thanks,

on: Fri 16 of Jun, 2006 [12:43 UTC] reads: 122389

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Aw: Installing Cinderella
on: Sat 17 of Jun, 2006 [07:40 UTC]

it seems that there are Java/XP installations that require the following:

Right click the installer exe in Windows Explorer, go to properties, go to Compatibility, and choose Windows NT/2000. Then launch the installation by double clicking the installer EXE and it runs fine.

(I found this in the support forum for some other software that is using the same installer as we do).

It should help, however, we are investigating whether a switch to another installer software would be a better solution...


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Re: Aw: Installing Cinderella
on: Sat 17 of Jun, 2006 [10:41 UTC]
Thank you, that works fine!

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