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.pdf to .jpg output and registration code question

I have made an image in Cinderella.2 fee version, I can export it in .pdf format
which takes less than 6 Kb. I can pick it up in acrobat reader to print a perfect image. When I open this file in Photoshop 7 to apply image processing on it I get the message: Generic PDF Parser: there is not enough memory to complete the operation.
This seems ridiculous because I have a fairly recent computer with 4 Gb internal storage.
My questions: 1. What are your comments and possible solutions for this problem
2. is it possible to export the image from Cinderella in high quality .bmp or .jpg format?
3. Does Cinderella has the possibility to define the final picture without the invisible or hidden elements and logical connections between the elements, this could reduce the complexity of the image to be transformed in a vectorized (?) .pdf file

4.independent Q: I can nowhere find the registration code of my Cinderella SW which I bought early februari this year, I suppose I need this code to installe the sw on my laptop, how can I re-obtain this registration code??

Advanced thanks, Guido Verbist

on: Sun 19 of Jun, 2011 [19:07 UTC] reads: 106324

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Aw: .pdf to .jpg output and registration code question
on: Sun 19 of Jun, 2011 [21:25 UTC]

re 1: Can you send the PDF file to I will have a look into it. To me, the error message does not make sense either.

re 2: You can only export the image exactly as it is shown on the screen. If you need a higher resolution your only option is pdf... see (1).

re 3: The invisible or hidden elements should not be included in the resulting pdf file. The relations between the elements are not exported as well, so this does not seem to solve the problem

re 4: I will look up and re-send the registration code. In all such cases a mail to is sufficient, we will try to answer as soon as possible.


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