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Recording user actions to a file

I am interested in recording to a file each action a student takes when interacting with a Cinderella file embedded in a webpage. I want to be able to later analyse what they did.

I looked at the documentation for CindyScript and it seems there are commands for writing to a file, and for recording the position of mouse down and mouse up events. Somewhere I assume I will find a way to record the time as well. I haven't bought a license yet, so I can't test out what I can do with CindyScript.

Has anyone experience with doing something like this, or can see any problems I might run into?


on: Wed 06 of Jul, 2011 [08:11 UTC] reads: 140770

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Aw: Recording user actions to a file
on: Wed 06 of Jul, 2011 [11:24 UTC]

this is easily possible, indeed. Actually we do have an extension called CINErella for recording user actions (and replaying them) for quite a long time (predating CindyScript). This has been somewhat replaced with a framework based on Jacareto. Within the Sail-M project we created a logging architecture called SMALA.

Writing to a file from CindyScript is also possible, but there are some difficulties when you do this in an Applet. Instead, it is possible to write to a network port (and you can write to the file on the server).

The best solution is probably the SMALA architecture, and I suggest you just contact me directly by mail to and I'll get you in touch with our group.


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