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circles acting like gears

Hi to all and thank you for the intuitive sw.

I have a question:
Is it possible to link two circles as gears? That is there are two tangent circles, one point defined on each of the circle, and if we animate one point on one circle, the other point on the other circle moves with it as if the two circles were linked as gears (the rotation of once circle causes the other circle to rotate).
Thank you.

Best, Tiha

on: Thu 08 of Dec, 2011 [07:58 UTC] reads: 98408

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Aw: circles acting like gears
on: Thu 08 of Dec, 2011 [20:23 UTC]
Hi Tiha,

you can achieve that using CindyScript. There is an example construction called Planetary-Gear-5b?.cdy in the Cinderella blog at .


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