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Polyline creation

I am a new amazed, licensed member of cinderella. Please consider the following.
1) Is it possible to create a polyline, consisted of any combination of lines and conics and being able to be manipulated as one "thing".
2) Consider also the idea of setting one point over the polyline. Is it possible this point to be able to move all along the path of the polyline (meaning movment not just being restricted between the endpoints of the current segment-part of the polyline..)?
Regards, Peter

on: Sun 01 of Jan, 2012 [18:21 UTC] reads: 100792

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Aw: Polyline creation
on: Mon 02 of Jan, 2012 [09:43 UTC]

unfortunately we do not support such polyline objects. Depending on what you want to do it might be worthwhile to consider using CindyScript for it.

All the best,

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