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Re: Aw: How to finesse CindyJS

I had intended this posting to help anyone else use CindyJS. So I was examining Cindy-dev.js (the minimized version - a bit cumbersome to deal with). I previously had no luck finding the source JavaScript? files.

Since you did not provide a link, I googled for [gitlab cinderella] and came up with which says "Manually migrated from GitLab? issue 3". Google also finds "yields the element which has last been moved" at which says "Login with Github".

I see that the user name aelkins is taken at however my hotmail is not recognized by I do not know how to see or change my email address on this forum so I do not know what you may have used.

At least now I have access to the non-minimized version of the source from 8,371,408 bytes.
The defaultAppearance.dimDependent value could be changed by modifying the html Cinderella exports or by changing
src\js\libgeo\GeoBasics.js:defaultAppearance.dimDependent = 0.7;
which are you advocating?

Best regards,
Alexander Elkins

on: Fri 30 of Oct, 2015 [23:39 UTC] reads: 8495

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