The Development of an Instrument to Measure Geometric Creativity

© 2007-2009

Mohamed El-Demerdash

Ulrich Kortenkamp

The geometric creativity test (short: GCT), which is presented here, is a main part a Ph. D. thesis that is registered in the university of education in Schwäbisch Gmünd since January 2007 for Mohamed El-Demerdash under supervising of Professor Dr. Ulrich Kortenkamp. The working title for this thesis is: "The effectiveness of an enrichment program using dynamic geometry software in developing mathematically gifted students’ geometric creativity in high schools".

One of the thesis purposes is to develop an instrument to assess the geometric creativity of the mathematically gifted students before and after administering the suggested enrichment program.

This web page is designed parallel to a prepared paper titled by "The Development of an Instrument to Measure Geometric Creativity" to provide the reader with some complementary resources about the GCT designing process. The complementary resources include the preliminary versions of the test, a list of the judges who validated the test, a letter to judges for validating the test, the analysis of the students' responses in test piloting, and the final versions of the test.

Preliminary Versions of the Test

English Version

German Version

A List of Judges Who Validated the Test

A letter to Judges for Validating the Test

The Analysis of Students’ Responses on the GCT

Item 1

Item 2

Item 3

Item 4

Item 5

Item 6

Item 7

Item 8

Item 9

Item 10

Item 11

Item 12

Final Versions of the Geometric Creativity Test

English Version

German Version